• Haglof HCH-FD [15-102-1014] Digital Compass Clinometer Height Feet/Degree

Haglof HCH-FD [15-102-1014] Digital Compass Clinometer Height Feet/Degree

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The Haglof HCH Clinometer is a great surveying tool used to measure heights, horizontal and vertical angles with the push on one single button. To better reach the desired target, the HCH Clinometer features an aiming view inside the LCD data display and it delivers all your measurements almost instantly right on the scope.

The Haglof Clinometer has a built-in 360 degrees azimuth compass that allows you to measure horizontal angles with an accuracy of 2.5 degrees which makes it very useful for survey work. The Haglof HCH also features an inclinometer for vertical angle measuring, it's range goes from -55 degrees to +85 degrees with an accuracy of up to 0.2 degrees.

The Haglof HCH can be factory set in different ways, depending on your preferred measurement units. You can choose between the Feet/Degrees, Feet/Percent, Meters/Degrees, and Meters/Percent models.

The Haglof HCH Clinometer features a built-in magnetic declination and it's very easy to calibrate. This Haglof tool is great for engineers and land surveyors and it also has built-in digital functions that correct discrepancies on the measurements and adjust the compass if it's not held properly

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