Haglof EC II [15-102-1019] Digital Clinometer

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The Haglof EC II Digital Clinometer is an excellent surveying tool that measures heights and inclination. It uses basic trigonometry to calculate the distance between the user and the object. By setting a reference height mark on the object up to 6 feet (2 meters), step back for good vision of the mark then measure the angle, followed by the usual base angle and top angle. The total height of the object will then be presented to you.

The Haglof EC II D has a height measuring range of up to 999 feet with an accuracy of ±0.1-foot. It also measures angles with an inclination of ±85 degrees with an accuracy of ±0.2-degree. This inclinometer is very small and has an easy 3-button operation. All the measurements are presented on the LCD in-scope display and it also features an aiming view and a backlight for better viewing.

The Haglof EC II D delivers all your results almost instantly and is mainly used to measure objects heights, like trees or poles. It's a very useful tool for land surveyors and you can measure heights from any distance, placing your tool in relation to the target position. Using an alkaline battery that lasts for months, this clinometer offers portability and ruggedness plus a 1-year limited warranty.

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