• Columbia Orion 420 Weather Station

Columbia Orion 420 Weather Station

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The Orion 420 weather station provides ultrasonic wind direction and speed measurements, a highly-accurate impact rain sensor, capacitive relative humidity, temperature and barometric pressure readings – all in a single sensor module. The Orion 420 provides 4-20mA current output for the eight weather parameters. High accuracy and fine resolution make this system ideal for precision weather monitoring.

The display console is flexible and can be factory-programmed to suit specific market and industry requirements. It is available in three mounting options:

  • Desktop/Wall-Mount
  • Panel Mount/Flush Mount
  • 19'' Rack Mount
WeatherMaster™ Software.
This professional-grade software is designed to optimize the capabilities of CWS Weather Stations. Providing real-time computer weather monitoring, WeatherMaster offers:
  • Display and automatic logging of all measured and calculated parameters
  • Downwind vector wind and wind character-plotting screens
  • An open Microsoft Access® database for archival with easy retrieval and compatibility with other
     Windows® programs
  • On-the-fly graphing and trend display of all parameters
  • Alarm notification via computer, email, pager or cell phone
  • Multi-station monitoring and data acquisition
  • Quick-North orientation
  • Interface with CAMEO/ALOHA software for plume modeling and evacuation corridor predictions

WeatherMaster™ Software Weather Display Console™ The Weather Display Console uses “intelligent” touch-screen technology. 

Weather MicroServer.
The Weather MicroServer is a self-contained, proprietary computer utilizing an embedded Linux operating system. It creates an “Internet-ready” weather monitoring system by automatically providing FTP output, XML web service, and Internet browser user interface. SNMP and Modbus/OPC communication protocols are standard for Industrial Management applications. The Weather MicroServer has datalogging capability. It connects to your network with an included Ethernet cable.

Two serial ports offer interface to both the Weather Display Console and additional peripheral devices or sensors such as visibility, solar radiation, and the Orion LT wind sensor. The Weather MicroServer can provide real-time weather data to WeatherMaster Software over the network. This allows users to simultaneously monitor the weather using WeatherMaster on any network computer.

4-20 mA Signal Output
For industrial PLC interface, the Capricorn FLX 420 offers 4-20mA signal output to interface to PLC, DCS, and SCADA systems.


  • Six most essential weather parameters in one unit
  • 4-20 mA current output for all parameters
  • Accurate and stable measurements
  • Ultrasonic wind sensor
  • No moving parts
  • Advanced impact rainfall sensor
  • Low power consumption
  • Fast and simple to install
  • Low maintenance
  • One-year warranty

    What's In The Box:

    • (1) Orion Sensor Transmitter
    • (1) 50 ft sensor cable + additional cable length if ordered
    • (1) Orion 420 Weatherproof Enclosure
    • (1) User Manual
    • Optional: Heaters for wind sensor
    • Recommended: Bird Spike Kit, Surge Protector (Arrestor)


    Instruction manual

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