• PipeHorn MagHorn MD450 Ferromagnetic Locator

PipeHorn MagHorn MD450 Ferromagnetic Locator

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The The Pipehorn MD450 MagHorn Magnetic Locator PMD450 detects magnetic fields produced by small objects made of iron, cobalt, or nickel. These objects are also referred to as ferrous or ferromagnetic. An apparent sound notifies you when the MagHorn is locating magnetic fields as deep as a 10-foot depth. Made of aluminum and fiberglass, the MD450 magnetic locator maintains precision in rough conditions. You will enjoy the MagHorn’s other features like adjustable sensitivity, single-hand operation, and long battery life.

Diverse Magnetic Location
The Pipehorn MD450 specializes in detecting small as well as deep ferromagnetic objects. Yet, this magnetic locator is not affected by nonferrous objects made of aluminum or copper because it is able to screen out these items.

Audio Alert
Two sensors within the MagHorn allow it to locate magnetic fields. These sensors cause a sound to emit from the magnetic locator’s speaker. This audio alert becomes louder as you approach the source of the magnetic field and quieter as you move away from the source.

All Features Within Reach
The MD450 is ergonomically designed for single-hand operation, which saves you time and energy on the job. Power the MagHorn on or off with the flip of a switch and adjust the magnetic locator’s sensitivity by rotating a knob.

Waterproof Construction
Aluminum and fiberglass construction helps the MD450 withstand dirty or wet conditions. You can submerge your magnetic locator in one-foot deep water or snow without sacrificing location accuracy or damage to the MagHorn.

Long Battery Life
Two 9-volt alkaline batteries power the Maghorn. And with continuous use, these batteries can last up to 40 hours


  • Locates iron, cobalt, and nickel
  • Finds small or deep objects
  • 18 ft. depth detection
  • Adjustable sensitivity
  • Audio alert
  • Single-hand operation
  • Constructed of aluminum and fiberglass
  • Waterproof
  • 0°F to 120°F operating temperature
  • Up to 40 hours battery life
  • 3-year warranty

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  • (1) Pipehorn MD450 MagHorn Magnetic Locator PMD450


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