• HT Instruments HT-5000 [HN500000] Intellingent Cable and Pipe Tracer System

HT Instruments HT-5000 [HN500000] Intellingent Cable and Pipe Tracer System

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Professional system for finding grounding cables and pipes.
Civil engineering work is accelerated, earth-moving machines are used efficiently and the risk of accidents is minimised thanks to the HT-5000 meter. This unit is especially designed to know the position and the depth of underground pipes and cables or cabling plans in a very quick and easy way. The model is composed by a Transmitter and a Receiver and the principle used is the propagation of a electromagnetic field inside a object crossed by a signal generated with a Direct coupling (finding energized or not energized objects with accessible parts) and Inductive coupling (signal spread by transmitter by integrated antenna) for finding of not accessible parts (e.g: earth-moving areas). The tracing can be performed also in Passive mode by the use of receiver only in order to locate cable or pipes crossed by 50/60Hz electrical current or radiofrequency signals. Both transmitter and receiver are designed with IP56 (protection by dust and water) for typical external “in field” environment and a wide number of optional accessories are available also for finding of non metal objects.


  • Inductive coupling with 33kHz signal by integrated antenna
  • Direct coupling with 33kHz by external accessories
  • Selectable transmitted power of signal
  • Blinking or continuous signals
  • Level battery indication
  • Passive mode without transmitter
  • Active mode with transmitter
  • Automatic measurement of depth
  • Manual/Automatic sensitivity selection
  • Display backlight
  • Speaker with volume control
  • Headphone jack for use in loud environment
  • Floor cap for housing protection

What's In The Box:
  • (1) TX5000 : Transmitter for HT-5000
  • (1) RX5000 : Receiver for HT-5000
  • (1) Cable banana-alligator clip, 2m, 2 pcs
  • (1) Cable banana-alligator clip, 10m
  • (1) Metal probe
  • (16) AA Batteries
  • (1) Carrying bag
  • (1) User manual


Instruction manual

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