• PCE Instruments FB [PCE-FB 10TS] Digital Torque Meter, 10 Nm (1 kgf-m)

PCE Instruments FB [PCE-FB 10TS] Digital Torque Meter, 10 Nm (1 kgf-m)

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Torque Meter PCE-FB 10TS /external torque sensor with keyed chuck / Graphic display / PEAK function / max. 1000 Hz / USB interface / incl. downloadable software
Torque gauge serves for detection of the loosening torque as well as for tightening of screws. Simultaneously the torque gauge can be used as a monitoring instrument. The torque test instrument provides a keyed chuck with two steady handles.

The torque gauge enables taking of the tools with a maximum diameter of 13 mm and thus offers a wide range of applications. It has two adjustable thresholds which can monitor the rotation of the screws and can warn the user acoustically when the limits are reached. Thus the torque gauge can also be used without display visual contact. The display shows at a glance the breakaway or tightening as well as the current force profile. The sampling rate can be individually set up to 1000 Hz. The measurement data can be transferred during or after the measurement to the torque gauge via the downloadable PC software or can remain in the device stored on the micro SD card. The test instrument is powered by AA mignon replaceable battery packs and thus enables a flexible use.

If you have any further questions about the torque gauge, you are welcome to check the following technical specifications or to use the contact form, or to call PCE. Our technicians and engineers will be glad to give any kind of assistance concerning the “Torque Test Instrument” or any other product from the section control systems, laboratory technology, measuring instruments or weighing equipment of the PCE Instruments.


  • Measuring range10 Nm (1 kgf-m)
  • Resolution0,01 Nm
  • Max. 0,5 % accuracy from the measuring range 
  • Measuring rate freely adjustable up to 1000 Hz
  • 24 Bit Processor
  • Keyed chuck up to Ø 13 mm
  • MIN / MAX Dynamic Display (PEAK 
  • Setpoint input with audible warning
  • Statistical analysis on the device
  • Units: Nm / N-cm / kgf-m / gf-m / lbf-in
  • Multilingual: DE, GB, ES, IT
  • Incl. downloadable PC Software evaluation software
  • USB and RS-232 interface
  • Overload protection max. 50%

What's In The Box:

  • (1) Torque gauge 
  • (1) External torque sensor
  • (1) RS-232 data cable
  • (1) SD Memory Card incl. Reader
  • (4) AA batteries
  • (1) AC adapter
  • (1) Carrying Case


Instruction manual

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