• PCE Instruments GAZTOX [4654] Air Quality Meter

PCE Instruments GAZTOX [4654] Air Quality Meter

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Air Quality Meter for flexible gas detection in hazard areas / incl. calibration adapter / long lifetime / compact device with low weight / easily readable LCD with background lights
The Air Quality Meter is a multifunctional device protecting workers in hazardous areas, where dangerous gas mixtures might emerge. Thus the Air Quality Meter qualifies as an indispensable device in areas with a tendency towards unusual gas compositions. Due to the fact that the Air Quality Meter detects different gasses following the settings made by the operator, it can be customised for any kind of environment. When ordering the Air Quality Meter of gasses, what needs to be detected should be specified prior to that, so the device can be set correctly for those gasses. In case the Air Quality Meter detects a threshold being met in any way, it immediately sets off an alarm. This is indicated by the Air Quality Meter either as an acoustic signal or a light blinking or even by setting off a vibrating signal. Thus a foolproof protection is guaranteed, with which toxic values can be detected at all times in various forms, and their perception can be assured under any kind of unusual conditions. These might be for example extremely loud surroundings, where a solely acoustic signal might be difficult to notice. Due to its low weight and small measurements the Air Quality Meter is not too obstructive to carry along while working and thus allows a continuous workflow in different types of situations. The well-arranged LC display, featuring background lights, shows not only the current values, it can also display the maximum and minimum values, as well as mean values within a period of 8 to 15 hours, and the batterystate. The areas of application are mainly steel factories, chemical industries, various laboratories, gas stocks and the shipping industry.

  • TOX detection with alarm following EU guidelines
  • Small size
  • Display with background lights
  • Works with customary batteries
  • Extendible with sensors
  • Protection for mining industry and others
  • Very well priced
  • Optical, acoustic and vibration alarm

What's In The Box:
  • (1) Air Quality Meter µGAZTOX (depending on device type)
  • (1) Calibration adapter
  • (1) Crocodile clip
  • (1) Attachment clip for belt, bags, etc.
  • (1) T8 screwdriver
  • (1) 3.6 lithium battery
  • (1) Instruction manual 

Instruction manual

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