• In-Situ Level TROLL 500 [0089050] Water Level & Temperature Logger, 351 m (1153 ft. range (500 PSIG)

In-Situ Level TROLL 500 [0089050] Water Level & Temperature Logger, 351 m (1153 ft. range (500 PSIG)

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The In-Situ Level TROLL 500 Water Level Logger contains everything needed for water level measurement and logging - level and temperature sensors, data logger, and internal power - all in a 18.3mm (0.72 in) diameter housing with a lot of exciting capabilities. The instrument is built entirely from rugged titanium with TIG-welded seals, eliminating the potential for flooding from faulty O-ring seals.

The In-Situ Level TROLL 500 Water Level Logger offers Twist-Lock connectors that provide a secure connection between the sensor and cable. The Twist-Lock connectors are also extendable, allowing the user to easily lengthen the cable without purchasing a complete replacement assembly. In-Situ's new ultra low-power system guarantees 5 years or 2 million readings. For added flexibility, the instrument can also be powered externally. System integration is easy with built-in RS-485 Modbus, SDI-12, and 4-20mA communication output capability.


  • Ultra-rugged, all-titanium design - perfect for fresh and marine water monitoring.
  • Super accurate sensors - record minute changes in water level and temperature.
  • TIG-welded seals - prevents flooding of instrument.
  • Ultra-low power system - guarantees 5 years or 2 million readings.
  • RS-485 Modbus, SDI-12, and 4-20mA - provides for easy connections to existing and online systems.
  • Twist-Lock connectors - lock tight for 100% reliability.
  • Halogen-free cables (LSZH rated) - no worries of toxic fumes if submitted to fire.
  • Sealed desiccant options - allow for barometric compensation while preventing water & humidity intrusion.
  • Extendable cable assemblies - maximizes your investment and maintain flexibility with your unit.
  • -20 to 80 C temperature range - useful for geothermal and hot spring research and monitoring.
  • Linear logging - perfect for long-term monitoring.
  • Pause logging feature - pause logging when removing a unit. Reinstall and restart where you left off!
  • Specify start and stop times for logging - collect the data you need up to the date you want and no more.
  • Ability to undelete files from the unit - no worries of accidentally deleting your data.
  • Data saved by sites not files - collect and save information by site automatically.
  • Easy-to-read memory and battery gauges - know exactly how much is left.
  • Friendly Wizards guide every step - reduces complicated steps and the need for tedious manuals.
  • FCC and CE emission tested - prevents susceptibility to outside emission interference and transient electrical
  • Version, range, and manufacturing info printed on side of the unit - know the details of the unit without opening
      the software.

What's In The Box:
  • (1) Level/Pressure/Temperature Data Logger
  • (1) Win-Situ 5 Software Available Here
  • (1) NIST Calibration Report


Instruction manual

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