Horiba U-54-2 [3200323680] U-50 Series Multi-Parameter Water Quality Meter with 2 Meter Cable

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The Horiba U-50 Series multi-parameter water quality meter is available in seven models which are capable of simultaneously measuring up to 11 parameters. Each model has the ability to measure a different combination of pH, ORP, dissolved oxygen, conductivity, salinity, TDS, seawater specific gravity, temperature, turbidity (LED or tungsten lamp), water depth and GPS.

With an easy-to-read LCD display, Horiba U-50 Series multi-parameter water quality meters can display measurement data from all 11 parameters on the screen simultaneously. Text size can be changed to a larger font and the small control unit is designed for one-hand operation. Auto-calibration allows for hassle-free calibration of pH, dissolved oxygen, conductivity, turbidity and depth with the Horiba U-50 Series meters. These Horiba water quality meters are designed for the field-- the cover is shock resistant and the cable can be easily connected and disconnected using the quick-connect fitting.

Data management with the Horiba U-50 Series multi-parameter water quality meter is also very simple. The auto hold function freezes average data values on the screen, giving you more time to verify and transcribe data. Diagnostic functions notify the user of errors and an integral USB connection makes data transfer to a PC quick and easy. Selectable measurement units allow the operator to report data without the need to convert data to desired units of measure.

The Horiba U-50 Series probe houses several sensors in one unit. Multiple sensors allow for the measurement of 11 parameters simultaneously. The field replaceable sensors are chemical resistant and rugged enough for all environmental conditions. A 3-electrode design offers improved stability of the dissolved oxygen sensor and the pH and ORP electrodes can be replaced individually to reduce replacement costs.

The Horiba U-50 Series multi-parameter water quality meters ship complete with pH 4 standard solution (500mL), pH reference internal solution (250mL), DO sensor internal solution set (50mL internal solution, #8000 and #600 sandpaper, syringe), DO membrane space parts set, spanner for DO sensor removal, cleaning brush, calibration cup, back pack, strap, 4 alkaline batters (LR14), silicon grease and instruction manual.

  • pH/ORP/DO/Conductivity/Salinity/TDS/Seawater Specific Gravity/Turbidity (LED)/Temperature
  • Support for eleven parameters including pH, ORP, DO, conductivity, salinity, TDS, seawater specific gravity,
      temperature, turbidity, and water depth.
  • One touch calibration for checking pH, DO, conductivity, turbidity, and water depth.
  • Simultaneous on-screen display of all eleven parameters.
  • On-screen icon displays battery, GPS, USP and probe connectivity.
  • GPS capabilities included with the U-52G and U-53G.
  • High sensitivity turbidity sensor included (U-52, U-53).
  • Membrane cap for simple replacement of DO sensor.
  • Hand-held transmitter and sensor probe.
  • Shock-resistant cover.
  • Easy connect/disconnect of cable to control unit.
  • Backlit LCD display with on-screen instructions and two font sizes.
  • Designed for easy one-hand operation.

What's In The Box:
  • (1) Control Unit
  • (1) Sensor Probe Unit with Cable
  • (1) Calibration Cup
  • (1) 500ml pH 4 Solution
  • (1) 250ml Model 330 Reference Solution
  • (1) Backpack
  • (1) DO Membrane Repair Kit with 1 Spare Membrane Cap
  • (1) pH Sensor
  • (1) ORP Sensor
  • (1) DO Sensor
  • (1) Spanner Wrench
  • (1) Cleaning Brush
  • (4) LR14 Batteries
  • (1) Hand Strap
  • (1) Silicon Grease


Instruction manual

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