• TECHNO-AC Success TPT-522 N [SUCCESS TPT-522 N] Water Leak and Pipe Locator For Metal And Non-Metal Underground Pipelines

TECHNO-AC Success TPT-522 N [SUCCESS TPT-522 N] Water Leak and Pipe Locator For Metal And Non-Metal Underground Pipelines

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The most advanced locating kit combining the functions of three devices: cable locator, water leak detector, non-metal pipe locator. Features AP-027 receiver, powerful transmitter and special impact device for the detection of non-metal pipelines.

  • AP-027 digital location receiver
  • 60W AG-144 transmitter
  • acoustic leak detection function
  • UM-112 impact device for non-metal pipeline location

Brief description:
  • Two modes of operation: leak detection and route location
  • Receiver frequencies: 50 to 60Hz/100 to 120Hz/512Hz 1024Hz/8192Hz/33kHz
  • Transmitter frequencies: Hz - 512/ 1024/8928
  • Storage of 31 signal level with a graph displayed
  • Visual indication of the signal on the display: scale, graphic and spectrum
  • Graphic visualization (moving chart) of sequence of measurements, max and min signal levels
  • Sound indication
  • Choice of bandwidth
  • Two-segment indication of frequency spectrum (and “filtered”) signal
  • Light weight
  • Comfortable to wear for long terms
  • LCD display


  • Non-metal pipeline location underground
  • Water leak detection from metal or non-metal pipelines underground up to 6 m depth
  • Water leak detection inside the house
  • Detection of cables underground up to 6m depth
  • Detection of any metal pipelines underground up to 6 m depth
  • Survey the ground before the ground works (BB mode)
  • Distance of tracing from the place of transmitter connection is up to 3 km
  • Min and max method of tracing
  • Indirect measurement of the depth

What's In The Box:

  • (1) Receiver AP-027
  • (1) Acoustic sensor AD-227
  • (1) Carrying rod for AD-227
  • (1) Extension carrying rod for AD-227
  • (1) Contact rods for AD-227
  • (1) Magnet for AD-227
  • (1) Electromagnetic sensor EMD-247
  • (1) Holder for AP-027
  • (1) Transmitter АG-144.1
  • (1) Headphones
  • (1) Screwdriver
  • (1) Inductive antenna IEM-301.3
  • (1) Power connection cable AG120.02.080
  • (1) External power supply cable AG120.02.070
  • (1) Power adapter ESP 120-13,5
  • (1) Cable of power adapter YP-22/YC-12
  • (1) Power supply cable AG120.02.060
  • (1) Grounding rod
  • (1) Contact magnetic
  • (1) Impact device UM-112
  • (1) UM-112 carrying bag
  • (1) Set carrying bag
  • (1) EMD carrying bag
  • (1) Manual and passport


Instruction manual

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